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Principal's Desk

Kiran Academy was established in 2010 with a view to maintaining quality education at Dhemaji. Academy's mission is to achieve enduring excellence in education so as to create vibrant knowledge in respect of Arts, Science and Commerce respectively. In addition to the Science, Arts and Commerce streams were also opened in 2012 and 2016 respectively. The Academy is committed to develop the next generation of quality of education by imparting knowledge specially to build up strong personality with sound mindset enabling them to open up a new vista to their combination. All the students are intensively taught through a combination of lectures, problems classes, laboratory and practical classes with the precise mix depending heavily on the subject being taught. Because of hard labour and effort made by the teachers it was able to receive the enormous support, sympathy and compassion from the public in enmass for the last few years. It has produced some talented students which competed in the all India ranking examination like AIEEE, JEE, CEE and came out successfully. We have also introduced class IX in 2014 and one student was ranked 19th position among the 20 top ranking holder in H.S.L.C. in 2016 and that really incredible distingtion towards the faculty members of the institution. We always emphasis on the growth of human resource with value based and quality education

Albert Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge". So, we try to create the atmosphere of imagination which gives reason to the students for existing their lives.

I therefore cordially invite and welcome all the aspiring students to come and study better education at Kiran Academy, Dhemaji in order to prosper their lives.

Kiran Academy, Dhemaji

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